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San Martino

Italian - Pizzas, Paste, Sandwiches, Gluten Free
Paseo marítimo local 8, Santa eulalia


Pizzas - Meats, Paste, Italian, Salads
Paseo salamera 20, Santa Eulalia

Ohm Plaza

Italian - Pizzas, Paste, Salads, Mediterranea
Paseo matirimo Local 3- Edif Sharq , Santa Eulalia

Tomate Rojo

Pizzas - Italian, Paste, Hamburgers
Calle huesca 1, Santa Eulalia del Rio

Casa Dommell

Pizzas - Paste, Hamburgers
Calle San Juan 38, Santa Eulalia

Sa Torre II Pizza & Pasta

Pizzas - Paste, Salads, Meats
Avenida pere matutes nogera 24, Ibiza
Closed restaurants

Delizia D'Italia

Pizzas - Italian, Paste, Salads, Hamburgers
Calle Margarita Ankermann 52, Santa Eulalia
Restaurant is closed until 18:30.

Farina Santa

Pizzas - Hamburgers, Paste, Italian, Salads
Avenida España 57, Ibiza
Restaurant is closed until 19:00.


Paste - Halal
Camí Tres Torres 14, Santa Eulalia del Río
Restaurant is closed today.
Restaurant on vacation


Italian - Pizzas, Paste
paseo salamera 18, Santa Eulalia
The holidays begin in 31/12/2020 and end on 03/05/2021